BIO3000 is a biomass estimator for farmed Atlantic salmon.

The biomass estimator is a tool to give our customers full control of the biomass in their cages at all times.


The system has the capacity to measure a large number of fish in a short period of time, and estimates the average weight very accurately. The system records 24/7 and sends updated results directly to the system's report tool. The report function is very detailed and based on large measurement data.


The system measures 3000-9000 salmon per day.

BIO3000 Dashboard

The report tool is a Power BI solution. The reports are very detailed and can be exported easily. The reports and the layout can be tailored to the customers` needs.

Examples from the dashboard:

Precise measurements

In 2018, the BIO3000 system has been compared with slaughter reports at several occasions. The table below shows the results from these measurements.


Deviation on average weight, compared to slaughter reports:



The BIO3000 systems can be purchased or leased.

Use the contact form if you would like to receive an offer, or contact us to discuss options and alternative lease periods.

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